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            Police Motorcycle Wireless Bluetooth
            Automotive communications and wireless propaganda integrated solution

            Police motorcycles in the need to have a flexible way of communication and convenient communication operation, the traditional wired communication has been unable to meet the current complex law enforcement environment, ???? Anping car communication integrated communication propaganda control system can effectively solve the traditional communication problems.

            Anping through the police officers to carry on the radio to install the Bluetooth integrated controller that allows operators to use helmet wireless headset for radio wireless communication, mobile phone ???? Line Bluetooth call, wireless call to the car caller. The system is easy to install, without damaging any existing circuit facilities of the vehicle, only need to helmet-style Bluetooth headset fixed in the police ???? With a helmet mounted on the walkie-talkie installed on the Bluetooth integrated controller, installed in the handlebar on the wireless PTT controller, and the helmet Bluetooth wireless headset and Bluetooth integration control ???? Device and mobile phone Bluetooth pairing can form a complete set of wireless communication system, you need to talk to the radio when you press the handlebar on the wireless PTT controller can be through the helmet Bluetooth headset ???? Line to send.

            Police officers if you need to helmet through the helmet wireless headphones to the car telephonic speaker only need to Anping wireless kit in the car speaker dedicated connector installed to the Bluetooth integrated controller and ???? Handle the speaker control panel can be connected to the corresponding interface, open the handle on the handle of the ALARM alarm switch can be directly through the helmet Bluetooth headphones to the car speaker.

            The program can allow law enforcement officers to fully ensure the safety of riding under the premise of taking into account the normal communication of various communication systems, walkie-talkie, mobile phone, PTT controller can wireless connection, ???? Helmet-style Bluetooth headset with high noise reduction function, even if the high-speed ride can also ensure that the normal call. Full system only Bluetooth headset needs to be charged, Bluetooth integrated controller can ???? Borrowing the radio power, wireless PTT controller built-in battery button batteries can work for six months.

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